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Best brands for acoustic guitar

Best brands for acoustic guitar

The best acoustic guitar brands

When you are a new guitar user, you might find it quite a challenge in determining which acoustic guitar brand to pick from, given the many brands available In the market. Given the fact that the most critical factor to consider is the quality of the guitar. I am going to help you in selecting the preferable brand when you go shopping by highlighting for you the best brands that are available.

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This following are the brands:


1. Seagull

These guitars are entirely made by hand and have the following attractive features:
• Made of a solid top for more vibrant and dynamic sound.
• Has a double functional truss which provides control over both sides of neck bow.
• It has Adirondack spruce for bracing with makes it durable to resist the tension from the strings without down weighing the top, making it more responsive and allowing it to vibrate freely
• It has its neck correctly attached to the body by wood to wood connection ensuring desirable neck pitch
• It has maple dowels inserted in the neck’s heel making the neck very strong.

2. Gibson

Gibson guitar is also handmade and has lovely bracing patterns that make it produce a unique sound.

3. Martin

It has a simplified vintage gloss system that is used in finishing the lacquer of the guitar. And the guitar also has enhanced playability that makes it sound unique. The guitar has excellent tone system, matrix and aura VT enhancement for amplifying the acoustic, and it’s imaging of acoustic Aura its importance in preserving the pristine and unique audible tone of the guitar.

4. Yamaha

This brand is best known for producing guitars for learners if you intend to begin attending guitar classes. I would recommend that you go and grab one of it.

5. Taylor

Taylor guitar was the first brand to start the manufacture of guitars with the use of computer mills. They produce a guitar with body shapes which results in distinct tone. The guitars also have visual details enhancement that yields to an appealing aesthetic.

6. Epiphone

It is an affordable guitar and is made of mahogany body and select spruce to which makes it bright and produce a bright tone.

7. Fender

It is a trusted brand for it has been in the guitar business for a long time and also provides excellent guitars for beginners. Its top is laminated with spruce and has basswood at the sides and back.

8. Jasmine

It is among the best guitar brands for both experts and beginners. It has firmly coated to and Nato sides and back. Excellent strap buttons and beautiful cutaway design.

9. Ibanez

Its made of maple sides and back, guitar tuner onboard and has dramatically loud sound.

10. Blueridge


Blueridge guitar boosts’ of producing very affordable guitar compared with other brands having the same options. It has high gloss body finishing, mahogany sides and back, solid Sitka for the top wood and 20 frets.
There are very many acoustic guitar brands out there in the marketplace, but the ones i have listed above are the most popular brands.

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