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Way To Play Guitar

Improving your electric guitar tone is something that you want to keep up for you to play it well and nicely. There are simple ways for you to get it on track, however, to avoid any damage to your guitar it is best as well that you have it checked by an expert. Having to make it sound good at all times requires further maintenance and enhancing the guitar is a good way for you to exercise yourself more often so that in return you can do it yourself.

Who Are We

Welcome to my Guitar Page Hello, my name is Austin. I am a technician, and I have been working in the guitar business for ten years. My expertize has led me to different heights of scrutinizing guitars whether it is for sale or an old guitar.


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Is it easier to learn how to play the electric guitar or the acoustic guitar?

Learning a musical instrument can change your life for the better.

If you are planning to pick up a guitar to strum your way through life, then you are taking the perfect decision. However, the choice of guitars in the store might leave you flabbergasted and confused.

Acoustic and electric are the two most common types of guitars, and most beginners find it difficult to pick one.

If you are just starting to learn a new skill, then you would want the one that is easier to work with. However, both of them come with advantages and disadvantages which means that you should opt for the one which excites you the most.

Electric Guitar:

An electric guitar automatically brings to mind the names of legendary rock stars who are still appreciated all over the world.


You will find it easier to hold down the chords because the neck of the guitar is narrow on electric guitars.

They have softer strings that are easy to strum and reach if your fingers refuse to stretch.

Since the strings are very light, you will be able to master barre chords.

You will be able to play an electric guitar after plugging in headphones into your amplifier which means that your family will not be complaining of any sound.


An amplifier can be costly.

You will have to hunt for an electric guitar with the perfect tone.

Just because you can play something on an electric guitar, it is not necessary that you will be able to play it on acoustic as well.

Acoustic Guitar:

Want to go the traditional way? Here is a look at some of the things that can work just right with an acoustic guitar.


Once you master a song on a steel-string acoustic guitar, you can play it on electric as well.

The naturally soothing tone of an acoustic guitar is pleasant.

No extra money to be spent on cables or an amplifier.


Your hands might develop calluses due to the hard strings.

At first, you will find it difficult to play chords.

There is a lot more string buzzing due to the brittle strings.

The fretboard is wide which can be a problem if your fingers do not stretch.


To be fair, it is essential that you learn all the basics and put in hard work as a beginner. If you build a strong foundation, you will be able to gain enterprise faster.

Working with an acoustic guitar will help you be a better guitarist who can then expand his knowledge. Your hands might be bruised at first, but you will become an excellent player for it.

An electric guitar, however, is easier to learn and you can always take up an acoustic afterward. You will find it more convenient physically. Once your fingers get used to strumming the guitar, you will be able to use more pressure without feeling pain.

If you are wondering which of the two options would be easier to play and want that to be your only parameter for choosing, then go for an electric guitar.

The Pros and Cons of Steel Guitars

The strings on a guitar are an essential part of the tone of any guitarist. Understanding how to choose the right string for your playing style and genre can be quite helpful in getting the most out of your instrument. Of course, the decision on what you put on your guitar ought to come from a choice and not from brand loyalty. Well, Steel guitar strings have nowadays become a standard in the field of acoustic guitars. Interestingly, the old nylon guitars are slowly getting replacements from the steel guitars. Despite the fact that a few guitarists are passionate about them, how about learning the pros and cons of steel guitar strings?

The Pros of Steel Guitars

When it comes to sound, steel guitars have a more harmonic value and can be preferred to any other strings. Whether you’re looking to have that thick bass or tingling tremble, the steel strings are quite perfect for such. What’s more, steel guitars are able to hold the tune for quite a long time. No wonder most guitar players prefer the sound quality of the steel guitars.

You’ve probably heard of maraging steel or simply M-Steel. Well, this is a super-alloy of carbon-free iron-nickel alloys with additions of molybdenum and cobalt. The alloy is quite strong; making it a perfect material for aerospace and other high-stress applications. In a guitar, M-Steel strings have greater strength, durable with deep and rich tonal response. Thereupon, the steel guitars are able to offer superior tuning stability with short break-in times due to the fact that they stretch less than other strings.

If you’ve previously owned a nylon guitar, perhaps you noticed that the strings must be tuned quite often. That’s because they are made from a soft material that is more sensitive to temperature and humidity; frequently taking them out of tune. However, when you get the steel strings, you’ll only set them once; you’ll be done! They are not manipulated by temperature or humidity.

Cons of the Steel strings

One of the main disadvantages of the steel strings is that they require more pressure from the player to produce sound. Well, this can be quite painful for new guitarists; you’ll definitely take some time to develop the toughness in your fingers to make you feel comfortable playing a steel guitar for an extended time.

Interestingly, while steel strings do not require frequent tuning, the initial tuning can be tough. It’s even more frustrating for a new guitarist to tune the strings. Since they stretch less and are quite tough, one tends to take more time in trying to correctly tune all the strings.

Steel strings tend to rust easily after a few weeks of use. Well, this comes as a result of grease and humidity on the fingers which easily deteriorates the quality of the strings. However, this can be countered by regular cleaning for the strings. You’ll also love the coated strings that allow longer endurance.


The best acoustic guitar brands

When you are a new guitar user, you might find it quite a challenge in determining which acoustic guitar brand to pick from, given the many brands available In the market. Given the fact that the most critical factor to consider is the quality of the guitar. I am going to help you in selecting the preferable brand when you go shopping by highlighting for you the best brands that are available.

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This following are the brands:


1. Seagull

These guitars are entirely made by hand and have the following attractive features:
• Made of a solid top for more vibrant and dynamic sound.
• Has a double functional truss which provides control over both sides of neck bow.
• It has Adirondack spruce for bracing with makes it durable to resist the tension from the strings without down weighing the top, making it more responsive and allowing it to vibrate freely
• It has its neck correctly attached to the body by wood to wood connection ensuring desirable neck pitch
• It has maple dowels inserted in the neck’s heel making the neck very strong.

2. Gibson

Gibson guitar is also handmade and has lovely bracing patterns that make it produce a unique sound.

3. Martin

It has a simplified vintage gloss system that is used in finishing the lacquer of the guitar. And the guitar also has enhanced playability that makes it sound unique. The guitar has excellent tone system, matrix and aura VT enhancement for amplifying the acoustic, and it’s imaging of acoustic Aura its importance in preserving the pristine and unique audible tone of the guitar.

4. Yamaha

This brand is best known for producing guitars for learners if you intend to begin attending guitar classes. I would recommend that you go and grab one of it.

5. Taylor

Taylor guitar was the first brand to start the manufacture of guitars with the use of computer mills. They produce a guitar with body shapes which results in distinct tone. The guitars also have visual details enhancement that yields to an appealing aesthetic.

6. Epiphone

It is an affordable guitar and is made of mahogany body and select spruce to which makes it bright and produce a bright tone.

7. Fender

It is a trusted brand for it has been in the guitar business for a long time and also provides excellent guitars for beginners. Its top is laminated with spruce and has basswood at the sides and back.

8. Jasmine

It is among the best guitar brands for both experts and beginners. It has firmly coated to and Nato sides and back. Excellent strap buttons and beautiful cutaway design.

9. Ibanez

Its made of maple sides and back, guitar tuner onboard and has dramatically loud sound.

10. Blueridge


Blueridge guitar boosts’ of producing very affordable guitar compared with other brands having the same options. It has high gloss body finishing, mahogany sides and back, solid Sitka for the top wood and 20 frets.
There are very many acoustic guitar brands out there in the marketplace, but the ones i have listed above are the most popular brands.

The Best Guitar For Rock in 2018

It is never an easy task to pick the best product in any particular category of items. It is especially rather difficult when the item in question is a device used for a subjective venture like playing music. You can certainly get many divergent opinions among people if you were to inquire about the best guitar for rock in the market. Depending on who you ask, the answers can either be fully satisfactory or barely believable. As a general rule, it is always best to observe a couple of tenets in order to come up with the most realistic answer to such a question. The following tenets qualify the PRS Custom 24 to be the best instrument you can find on the market. 

Great Body Design 


There is nothing more useful than an instrument that has the right body. The PRS Custom 24 features a solid body that simply makes the instrument compact. The solid body design has an edge over designs that feature hollow frames because not only does it allow for easy use but it is also convenient to handle for longer durations. The PRS thus presents a great opportunity for all kinds of rock enthusiasts because it allows them to play for longer periods without distress. The design is also vital for the durability of the instrument. Its compactness ensures fewer chances of damage in case of mishaps.

Versatile Pickups 

With an included humbucker pickup, this instrument can allow several configurations that influence the sound output. This attribute gives the machine multiple abilities and users are free to explore all the different opportunities that come with it. The noise cancellation capabilities of a humbucker pickup also make it superior compared to the other options in the market. All the guitar players who like their sound crisp and clean will, therefore, have a lot of fun playing with this instrument. The authenticity of a good musical instrument definitely lies in its ability to produce genuine sound. This machine is thus a great pick for real fans of rock.

Accommodating Budget 


The cost of any device is usually the final tenet that determines whether a product is a worthy investment or not. A good buy must offer the intended value to the user. The markers of a good product include durability, quality and excellent service. These are all characteristics that distinguish the PRS Custom 24 from the rest in the market. For such a feature-packed and beautiful guitar, it is surprising that you can get it at competitive prices in the market. The instrument comes in a couple of makes that allow buyers to choose between models of various costs. 

It is only in a few exceptional cases where a product manages to satisfy various checks in a selection criteria. The PRS Custom 24 is one such product that undoubtedly meets the above-mentioned properties. For this reason, it can be termed as the ultimate choice for rock enthusiasts. The instrument also offers a fair balance between features and price. This makes it a great option for those conscious of its end value. 

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The Best Guitar For Metal in 2018

In the world of metal guitars, you can find a plethora of brands to choose from. Most ardent enthusiasts look at the finest details of every instrument when selecting a long-term machine. Whether you are a hardcore metal fan or you are just starting out on playing, there are a couple of things you cannot overlook when choosing the right guitar. Things like the crispness of the sound, the range, and versatility of the instrument are some of those you should prioritize. There are indeed many great options out there but none beats the Gibson SG 2018. Here are 3 key reasons why this machine is the best guitar for metal.

The Design 

This product is a great piece of work in terms of its design. The entire body is made of mahogany, making it lightweight and beautiful. In addition, the shape of the guitar is the classic construction that Gibson has maintained since it first hit the market several decades ago. First-time users and concurrent users can thus expect the applicability and convenience that has come to be associated with this brand. There are also several options under the same make to choose from and users are guaranteed of a product that perfectly suits their taste. 


Raw Aesthetics 

The beauty of a musical instrument is definitely among the most appreciable aspects of the machine. The way a guitar looks not only defines the character of the instrument but also that of its owner. You definitely need to choose an instrument that provokes the creativity in you and gives you inspiration every time you look at it. These are the kind of qualities you can expect with the Gibson SG 2018. The instrument is not only a piece of raw power but it is also a charming piece of equipment admire. 


Ease of Configuration and Use 


Finally, the best metal guitar should be easily configurable. With a good instrument, you can be able to achieve a wide range of possibilities in terms of sound. The Gibson SG 2018 allows you to configure the pickups in such a way that you can create various different audio profiles. This means that you have a huge spectrum of sounds to experiment with and come up with masterpiece conceptions. In terms of use, the machine is also among the most usable in the market. Its design is not complicated and it allows even the most basic users to get familiar with it within a short time. 

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Discover Best Guitar for Blues

The term “blues” for the music genre is taken from the fact that it is music generated from blue notes. These notes are the kind that is sung in a lower pitch relative to the essential notes in the musical scale. Other than that, there are no standard characteristics of the music genre since it is integrated into many music types itself. Among the many famous music genres that use the blues are jazz, rhythm and blues, bluegrass, rock and roll, hip-hop and many others. In truth, the blues has become the foundation and root of so many essential music forms.

The guitar for blues the blues can bring out the real beauty of the music genre. This is because the modern day blues is known to be based off the mixed musical traditions from Europe and Africa, where the artistic effects of vocals and guitar are wonderfully blended into a new genre that incidentally, is also responsible for acting as the foundation for so many popular music genres. Conversely, these favorite music genres also use the guitar for blues the blues when they make music. For example, genres like electric blues and rock and roll focus on the guitar’s bass strings for accompaniment such as the shuffle rhythm, a relaxed but steady way of playing the guitar‘s base.

For country blues performers, guitar for blues the blues is used with the slide guitar style, wherein the instrument is fretted or strummed with a coin, the edge of a knife or half a bottle cap. There are many sub-genres of the country blues that use the slide guitar style, making it a very significant method of making the genre. Although this method can also be done with a banjo, the modernization of music makes the guitar an ideal alternative between the two string instruments.

The guitar for blues is also used for many blues musicians from Memphis, Tennessee. More importantly, the technique also uses a guitar with the ensemble.

For the music genre, it seems that bests guitar blues depends on the style in which every blues artist wants to express in the music. Because the blues does not have strict common characteristics, it becomes one of the more versatile music genres of its kind.

If you select the right guitar for your practice, you are more likely to succeed with your effort to progress in learning blues music. You will enjoy your blues guitar lesson more, play more often, and in case you decide to buy a more expensive instrument, you will be able to resell your guitar quickly, as the quality instruments hold their value better.

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Ways For You To Become A Better Guitarist

Being a guitarist is not only about playing music for the entertainment of people and having skills is not also the basis that you are a well-known professional. There are more to know about being a guitarist thus this makes it very interesting because you will be challenged as to how well you know the parts and the toning of your guitar. Is this new to you? Perhaps, you ’ll need to learn more insights for you to gain ideas and knowledge regarding advance learning on how to make you a better guitarist.

Here are the following ways for you to get into the habit of learning the specs of your guitar.

1. Visualize-

keep in mind that you do not only have to practice your guitar every time you have the chance to use it. As much as possible, have a schedule in practicing and playing tunes with your guitar. In this way, you will be able to improve your style, techniques, and skills. There are as well some guitarists who are good in visualizing any execution that you think would be great with your composition or riff that you are working on.

2. Always learn new things-

each day you have different things to ponder about and having to learn from other guitar players gives you an opportunity to enjoy your experience. There are seminars or videos that you can watch online when it comes to learning new things that you have not come across. You can learn new things about a riff, a lick, scale, melody, hand exercise, strumming patterns, and altered way of tuning and other related guitar lessons.

3. Jamming-

while you are shredding your electric guitar in a ripping style of 128th note, it is important as well that you know how to play along with other guitar players. If you have noticed, having to accompany a rhythm or doing a lead will gain your confidence that you can make one song extraordinary through the skills that you have acquired. It is also important that you learn from your band mates or from people that you are performing with.

4. Having to record yourself-

as you record yourself, you will hear the out of tune chords, or you can change the entire way of making the song into something special. A unique way of putting a guitar tune to a song makes it more fascinating and memorable. As you keep recording, it is essential that you keep learning from any mistakes that you have done.

5. Taking lessons-

if you want to improve your skills as well as how to take good care of your guitar, it is best that you take lessons. Although playing guitar can be self-taught but having the opportunity to learn new lessons will inspire you to apply the music theories that you have learned.

6. Focus your time- as the saying goes “practice makes you perfect.” If you are living by this principle, that means you can grasp and understand what it is to be nearly perfect. No guitarist is born with professional skill, everyone undergoes a process, and that is through learning and practicing what you have learned.